Resolutions You Don’t Need A New Year For!

5 Tips to Recharging a Caregivers Wellbeing

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  • The consequences of caregiver stress is more serious than you might think.
  • A compromised caregiver is of no use to anyone, especially to the care receiver.
  • Caregiving is a marathon, not a sprint – you need to be in peak mental and physical health to provide care.

Will caregivers put themselves first or will they risk jeopardising their own health? As the saying goes, ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup.’

Now while the world rings in the new year with a fresh start and fresh resolutions, for many carers it’s simply caregiving as usual.

Here are five New Year resolutions, or ‘promises,’ that a caregiver must keep to ensure that his/her health and wellbeing is first and foremost.

  1. Form a Care Team – there’s No ‘i’ in Team
  • Assemble a caregiving team – ask family or friends to help, either with caring for your loved one or with chores to do around the house and errands to run.
  • Speak to a healthcare professional to address the issues keeping you awake at night.
  • Manage your time more effectively- leave time-consuming chores like cleaning, cooking, and household chores to third-party providers to make pockets of time for yourself. Click here for a list of service providers that you can engage to help with the day-to-day household activities.
  1. Spend at least 20 Minutes with yourself EVERY day
  • Improve circulation and reduce stress with some easy exercises, followed by slow stretches and deep breaths (link to caregiver meditation video).
  • Get lost in a great book or magazine.
  • Connect by calling a good friend to catch up on what you love the most.
  • Relax and get some fresh air with a casual stroll around the block or better still in the park.
  • Do something (anything!) just for you. Everyone needs “me”
  1. Schedule Regular Breaks
  • It’s called Respite Care. Get someone to sit and accompany your loved one while you go out or just take a nap.
  • Rally family members to help out on a regular basis.
  1. Learn to Say “No”
  • Only accept what you can do and importantly what you want to do. Say “No” to anything else.
  1. Find Time for Friends and Family
  • Your spouse, children and friends deserve some of your time If your children are still at home, their needs are as important. Finding a balance, is easier said than done but it is a step in the right direction.

These ‘resolutions’ might not be the perfect fit for everyone, but they’re meant to inspire you to find ways to care for yourself.

Remember, caregiving is demanding and sadly it often doesn’t get any easier. Therefore take stock of what you can realistically do and develop a care plan to help you with the rest.

Do it for you. Do it for your loved ones.


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