Preventing Falls in Parkinson’s Disease

Understand why people with PD are at a significant risk of falling, what are the consequences of a fall and how to prevent it with Dr Deepa Alex, Lecturer in Geriatrics of Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine & Health Sciences. Read here.

Caregiving Tips During the Holiday Season

So, they say, it certainly feels good to care for loved ones and enjoy time together this holiday season. But, wait, some caregivers will likely think it will bring them added stress! Fret not, here are three ways to make your holiday season just that little bit easier. Click here.

8 Awesome Morning Affirmations

Mornings can be the toughest part of the day for many of us. Here are 8-morning affirmations that will kick-start your day.

‘Zero’ Calorie Healthy Foods

'Zero' Calorie Healthy Foods 42 guilt-free 'zero calorie' foods   Shake up your lifestyle and incorporate some of these zero calorie superfoods into your diet. Create a weekly food plan and weave in these zero calorie foods. Always...

Tips to Prevent Falls at Home

Falls are a big deal – period. Falls can and often lead to a loss of confidence, mobility, and social exclusion. Here are a few pointers to reduce the risk of falls in the home.

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